While talking about CSR, the first thing pops into mind that how many of us know about CSR reporting? Isn’t it a term that is meaningful but gets the least attention? If we think deeply about CSR, it is supposed to be something that organizations would do to make society, community a better place. A place that is worth living in. Through some set of regular practices, they contribute to the environment, for the surrounding, for the people around that altogether make a society. They make themselves accountable for society. According to my analysis from different company's CSR reports, a lot of businesses are doing CSR and helping the community to fight the issues they are having. However, there should be a proper checklist, which tells companies to invest in this sector. A quick checklist for CSR report can be a Business overview, Transparency, Authenticity, Letter from CEO, Sustainability Issue (Description of Issue with Relevance, List of Goals, Description of Benchmarks and Measurements, Statement of Progress, Discussion of Roadblocks, Plan of Action, Graphics and Other Visuals, Link to Appendix with Further Details), Target Performance Summary, Case Studies, Issue Prioritization, Sources, and Closing Statement. Later on, a third party can audit that if the CSR has been done accordingly. From my research, I found there are many important components a company should include while making a separate and complete CSR report. And here we are lacking those necessary pieces of information. However, this is not for every company rather a major portion. There should be a minimum breakdown of monetary values of expenditure. And proper graphs and charts showing their investment and success. Proper disclosure is needed about their goals in CSR and how much they have achieved and by what time.